After 6 years of ownership and work by David Marchi the Old Rademacher House and Plaza that has come to be known simply as "Crow's Feet" by many has changed hands.  Crow's Feet is still churning out and servicing some of the best bikes and skis right next door, and will continue to do so up in Northwest Crossing as the closest bike shop to Phil's Trailhead. 


Dan Baumann purchased "The Commons" portion of the business after over a year of managing the cafe, taproom, and events side of the original business on April 1st 2019.  You won't notice many large changes in the space. A new logo for the old house and a few updates here and there, but over-all the coffee, beer, and community focus will persist.  We are in the heart of of downtown Bend and want the space to feel open and accessible to everyone.  We are dedicated and proud to serve and sell high quality products and provide free family friendly events year round.  We love coffee.  We love beer.  But, we also love cider, wine, tea, baked goods, music, art, etc...


We will be continuing the free live music tradition all year round.  We rotate featured artists every month inside the house and